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PREEMIE by Mindy Oum

P perfectly

R rare

E exceptional

E endurance

M Madison

I is the

E essence of a survivor

The last few days have been very trying. My daughter is teething and since she is only 19 months has no way to communicate her wants and needs. So my days have been filled with tantrums and head banging. She could be looking at a book and all of a sudden is so mad. It doesn't take much. I am sure some of the mothers out there can relate. Being a single mom makes it very hard to get a break. I don't know that I would want to unleash this temper on someone else. I guess I will just grin and bare it, teething is not forever.


A teething toddler what can you do

You make her mad she throws a shoe

She comes out screaming & bangs her head

What did you do what have you said?

Not a thing you did or said was wrong

Temper of a teething toddler is strong

So turn up the music & try not to see red

Night time will come & she will rest her head.

Madison Nevaeh Love Mommy